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I did some anatomy. Full view to see my tiny, tiny notes.

zoologicalpt sent: Thank you very much for rebloging our tutorial on Bird Beaks. All the support and spreading the word of our work in this wonderful tumblr community means a lot to us. Thank you very much! :)

 Of course! :) It’s a wonderful tutorial. Thanks for making it!


BIRD BEAAAKS. This one doesn’t teach how to draw but it0s the introduction to that. Quite a lot of people I give classes to have this idea that the beak is an apendix of the bird’s skull and not a part of the skull that doesn’t have feathers covering it. And because of that wrong notion beaks are drawn poorly and with no sense of weight or even being part of the bird’s head.

So this art tip of the week is just the very introduction to the concept of drawing beaks. Just explaining what the beak actually is.

Hope you like it, even though its a simpler one. 

CHEERS and tons of love


Wedding dress references

Sources: [x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x]

(Source: old-helpyoudraw)

A weird thing I find incredibly helpful for art/writing.


deadcantdraw: is a website that sells blueprints for houses. 

This might not seem that helpful but if you want a characters house you can make selections based on what sort of house you want them to live in. 


Then browse through the results and find the house you want. Then you can view the blueprints and have a room layout for that house, which can help with visualising the space they live in. 


It makes describing generic homes so much easier.




… AND THAT IS THE WAY I MAKE FIRE! Simple and messy “how to gry”.
I will add quick smoke tutorial / step by step too Just wait. \o/

EDIT: Sorry for small images >8C I am not good with tumblr image sizes and I have never understood them. But by copying the image URL you can see bigger sized images!



Some awesome leg tutorials done by n3m0s1s.

Because legs are the hardest thing to draw for me. Seriously, I’ll have a character with an awesome upper torso, then spaghetti legs.

Anonymous sent: Your lines are pretty awesome! How did you make them so lively?


Aw, shucks. Thank you! I think a lot of it comes from just drawing a lot, but also the understanding of principles like Straights v.s. Curves and line flow. I highly recommend the Drawn to Life book series and Force.

I’ve also started doing this warm-up trick that I learned from my figure drawing professor last semester. Fill a page with circles, lines, squiggles, etc.


Doing these will loosen up your wrist and also practice hand motions for quick drawing. It’s really useful!

I also suggest doing lots of gestures, both from reference and from imagination. Pixelovely is great for that. These are some I did not too long ago quickly from imagination:

Just draw fast and loose and don’t think about it too much. Get those drawing principles ingrained into your head to the point where you do it without thinking about it. Practice, practice, practice!

You should also check out Rad’s how-to blog, because it’s chock full of great stuff on drawing principles.

To summarize:

  • Draw a lot
  • Know your anatomy
  • Learn the principles
  • Draw loose with your whole arm
  • Draw a lot!

I hope that answers your question, anon!